Monday, June 4, 2007

mission statement

our mission is to explore the city in which we live, in order to
discover what Jesus is already doing here in milwaukee.

we want to step out of the world we have built up around ourselves and understand the lives of our neighbors through the eyes of Christ, exploring what it really means to love them by taking the time first to learn about them (and ourselves).

we will do this by visiting existing organizations, businesses,
churches, schools, etc. in order to learn from the people there.
we will also be reading, watching documentaries, holding conversation, and praying, so that we can constantly be learning more and more.

for those year-round-ave-goers interested in the urban awareness group lead by servantship leaders in the fall, this group will serve as a way for us to learn more about where we live and possible ways that God may call us to serve in milwaukee during the school year. for those here just for the summer, you are welcome to come along and explore with us too! word.

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Matt said...

Just a reminder...
the "rogue splinter cell" will be meeting Saturday morning at 10am at Brady Street Diner and then going to the Black Holocaust museum after that.
Please give Matt a call if you are planning on coming. 262.470.4162