Monday, July 9, 2007

community warehouse

Matt Seib organized our next event for us! Here's what's up:

Come join us at the Community Warehouse this Thursday, July 12 @ 4:30 pm for our next meeting. The Community Warehouse is a non-profit home supply outlet that serves low income households in Milwaukee. We'll be taking a tour of the facility to see what kind of stuff they distribute, talking with some of the staff to learn about the impact of the Warehouse of the community, and getting some info about other organizations like the Warehouse that operate in the city.

The Community Warehouse is located at 520 S. 9th Street.
Here's their web address:

If anyone would be interested - we could go to dinner afterward and discuss what we will have learned/discovered and then maybe Jazz in the Park at Cathedral Square.

Contact Matt with any questions and to let him know if you are coming!



Allyson said...

Hey that sounds sweet! I wish I could come... thanks for putting that together for everyone matt!

Vanessa said...

I'm hoping to come- it sounds like a great experience! I might be a little late though... Hope to make it!

ashlyn hurley said...
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ashlyn hurley said...

Community Warehouse:

An AMAZING ministry that emphasizes that people can have dignity by their own hard work.

Jill gave us a tour of how the Spirit was with the Community Warehouse since day one. From complex funding to create the warehouse to the donated labor- the non-profit really serves the community as Jesus' hands.

Stories were shared with the heart of redemtion for milwaukee's run down areas. Family after family are given the opportunity to make less attractive areas beauitfully renewed with the product at the Community Warehouse. Everything in the storeroom is brand-new and marked down 75%, making it possible to have the ever desired Kohler bathroom a reality in the heart of down trotten milwaukee.

Honestly one of the best organizations I've ever seen.

kate said...

people who went:

any opportunities for us to be involved?

also, who can receive their services?

any website or anything?


ashlyn hurley said...

Answers to the aforementioned questions:

1) we can volunteer there. they'd like help stocking and doing stuff around the warehouse. contact them to see whatelse you can do.

B) you have to be a resident and/or property owner of a house in the "Re-development Zone" and be a member of the Community Warehouse (small fee and application process)


check it out and help if you can. Jill is an amazing woman who really cares the city and will put you to good use!

kate said...

it's funny because i posted the website in the first place.

i am an idiot.