Sunday, July 1, 2007


this friday (july 6) at 7pm we will have a homelessness discussion night at katie & ashlyn's apartment on the east side.

we will watch the documentary 'homeless in the heartland,' which is about homelessness specifically in milwaukee. we'll have some people share their experiences, and take a look at a few organizations in our city that work with this issue.

if anyone has questions you want discussed friday or ideas you'd like to share, PLEASE comment on this post and we will do our best to be sure they are addressed. after friday we'll change this post to a summary of what we talked about and learned and use it for further discussion.

our apartment:
1704 e locust st #3 in milwaukee (corner of locust & bartlett... one block west of oakland)
we live in the apartment building on the northeast corner, i.e. we are adjacent to chin's
you can park on bartlett

see you friday!

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Cajies Blog said...

Hey - our discussion on Friday was really cool so thanks for that, everyone! I want everyone to check out this site on MKE and teen pregancy.