Tuesday, July 17, 2007

social development commission

empowering milwaukee county residents with the resources to move beyond poverty

this thursday night (july 19) from 5-7 pm there is an open house at milwaukee's social development commission. check them out: http://www.cr-sdc.org/

their mission is to empower milwaukee county residents with the resources to move beyond poverty. honestly i don't know much about them... i originally contacted them because i heard about a vegetable garden they were putting together to be attended to by homeless people. in return i got invited to this event to learn more about them and what they do, and i got permission to bring as many people as we would like! it will be cool to learn about what programs and services they offer. there will also be ideas for connecting with them individually or as a group to volunteer.

the address is 4041 n richards st in milwaukee, zip 53212 (richards & e capitol dr).

comment under this post to arrange for carpools from brookfield, etc. i will be there the whole time, and i believe it is ok to come whenever you can, but aim for as close to 5:00 as possible.

if anyone has any questions, go ahead and email me at katie_schaefs@yahoo.com or call at 414.573.1900

hope some of you can make it out!

the social development commission...
"because there's no one way to end poverty"


Luke S said...

Sounds good. Katie, would you like to carpool?

kate said...

yeah, let's. ashlyn will come with us too, and anyone else who needs a ride from the east side. i can call you tomorrow... but plan on leaving about 4:45?

kate said...

ALSO peeps: there is word of hanging out at churches chicken afterwards. suggestion courtesy of meg. so keep that in mind. and stay classy.

ashlyn hurley said...

sounds awesome. church's sounds... well- chickeny. but that's awesome. i'm really excited to hear all about this place and its mission.