Thursday, August 9, 2007

urban food tour

In several of the meetings of the "Friends of Real Food" group at the Urban Ecology Center they've talked about the importance of increasing access to healthy food in ALL neighborhoods in Milwaukee. A woman named Gloria has arranged a tour to help anyone learn more about 3 groups who are working to do just that in north side neighborhoods in Milwaukee. I am BURNING to attend this thing but unfortunately have to work. Hope you guys can go!

Tour of Fondy Market, Walnut Way and Alice’s Garden
Led by Jessie Tobin from the Urban Open Space Foundation

Wed. August 15, 2007 – 1 pm (approx 1 - 1 ½ hours long)

Meet at the Urban Ecology Center at 12:30 pm (on Park and Bartlett-ish... one block south, one block west of Locust & Oakland on the East Side in Milwaukee)

to Gloria Foster at 414-964-7779

More info to check out:

A Farm-to-Fork Solution to Hunger and Poor Nutrition in Milwaukee
The Fondy Food Center ’s Farm-to-Fork strategy provides the tools to Milwaukee ’s Northside residents to stretch their food dollars and take control of their food, their diets, and their health.

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is a grassroots, community development organization serving the Milwaukee Central City neighborhood bound by North Avenue , 12th Street , Fond du Lac Avenue, Walnut Street and 20th Street . Our mission is... “ sustain an economically diverse and neighborly community through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and economic enterprise.” Their efforts include transforming vacant, debris-filled lots into productive gardens and orchards.

A Community Garden at 2000 W. Garfield St


ashlyn said...

um, food and coolness? i'm there.

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